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The NYBMA is the oldest and one of New York City’s largest resident manager/ superintendent’s organization. The association was founded in 1917 with the intention of supporting fellow colleagues by coming together on a monthly basis to share experiences while managing some of New York’s premiere real estate properties. Every year since it’s inception, our family has proven to be a strong and guiding force in New York City. From specialized courses to annual events, such as it’s Grand Ball, Golf Outing, Ladies Night and charity contributions, the NYBMA offers its members a wide range of activities and functions in which to participate.

The NYBMA continues to grow while keeping its foundations solid. With the advent of newer technologies, the NYBMA is primed to deliver dynamic content over the internet. As we develop new sections, always feel free to contact us regarding questions about the organization and special events

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NYBMA Business Meeting


Thursday, April 11, 2024


Connolly's Pub and Restaurant
121 West 45th St. New York, NY, 10036


  • Door Open at 6:30 PM * Meeting 7:30PM
  • Order of Dress is Jacket & Tie. 
  • Members & Associates: $70, Guests: $125.
  • All Guests must receive permission to attend from the President, prior the meeting.

My Fellow Member and Friends of the Association,

I am hopeful that all who attended our 102nd Annual Grand Ball on Saturday, April 6th had a fun time! This is and always will be a pinnacle event for our Association and one that takes an incredible effort by its committee to bring to fruition. Many stressful months go into planning and preparation and what you witnessed on Saturday, and into Sunday, was all thanks to my incredible Committee! It was my honor and privilege to have some of our top members form into an unstoppable force who met and exceeded our expectations! Ticket Chairman Albi Gjonbalaj, Committee Members Christopher Hayes, Anthony Lumia, German Negron, Marat Olfir, Larry Rivera, Anton T. Rukaj, and Pashko Rukaj. Advisors and Past Presidents Scott Casazza, Ismet Arifi, and Jose Rodriguez. And of course, our President whom we all look at with pride and amazement on everything he has done for our Great Association, Wojciech Siedlik.

Congratulations to our award recipients: AKAM Associates for Management Company of the Year. Individually, Andy Leight, Thomas Teeple, and Samantha DiMartino.

Vendor of the Year, Pumping Solutions Inc., Mr. John Meyers.

The pride and joy of the Association, Mr. Felix Romero, our 2024 Building Manager of the Year.

A special thank you to our Associate Members and Sponsors who went beyond their duties to make this another hugely successful Grand Ball like no other. We faced a huge obstacle that we needed to conquer and thanks to all of you, we were successful!

To our guests, without whom we would not have a Grand Ball, thank you very much for your attendance. It means a great deal to all of us at the New York Building Managers’ Association that we get to spend a special evening with all of you, away from the stresses of work and genuinely enjoy one another’s company in a relaxed atmosphere.

Finally, it has been my absolute pleasure being the Grand Ball Chairman for so many years and I look forward to the next generation of dedicated committee members who will continue making our Grand Ball like no other, without exception.

Fraternally yours,

Tom Smajlaj

Past President

New York Building Managers Association

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